Bugoy's insecurity with his looks is affecting his performance and stay inside the academy. He thinks that he looks like a frog, and seeing his fellow scholars make him fell... well less good looking. Hmm, is this the real issue?

Bea received a bad news from Teacher Monet. Her "bestfriend" lola, Lola Eloiza, passed away after two months of fighting liver cancer. Because of this, she was allowed to visit the wake of her lola together with her boyfriend Miguel.

Bugoy had the chance to talk the issue with his "best friends" Van and Sen. Haba ng hair ng lola ko... He also admitted being possesive over his "friends".

Another issue that needs to be addressed is the scholar's relationship with Laarni. Teacher Monet advised the group to have more patience when dealing with the emotions of Laarni as the latter have some personal issues. Teacher Joey on the other hand had a talk with Laarni and advised her to be strong.


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