Because tomorrow will the the First Gala Night of the Little Dreamers, the bottom four and the probationary scholars were announced right after (half)Fahrenheit's performance. Since they performed a duet, the two pairs with the lowest grade will be the bottom four scholars. Miguel and Bea got 5.06%, Sen and Cris got while 5.36%.

*Addendum - I've noticed that there are some who are searching for this week's top scholar. Well it was not announced and I presume that there would be no star scholar for this week because what they performed was a duet. But we'll have to wait for an announcement, so keep posted.

Of these four scholars, two will be saved: one by the Mentors; and the other by the scholar's votes. The Dream Mentors saved Cris, while the scholars saved Sen. Too bad for Miguel and Bea, one of them will have to leave the Academy.


  1. tess said...
    sen deserves to stay,and i think miguel deserves to stay more than bea,i dont think she is trying hard enough or baka talagang dun lang talaga ang galing nya saka the mentors saved her 2 or 3 times if i am not mistaken,ang dali lang naman nang kanta na inaaral niya,madadamay pa si miguel sa kaartehan niya....
    Anonymous said...
    Guys, help! Hindi ako nakapanood kagabi(July 14)? Who got the highest score, the lowest? Si leizel na naman ba ang star scholar?

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