Just a few minutes before Jasmine's adoption, Julian arrived at the venue and opened up his feelings for Jasmine. He told Jasmine that he loved her, and Jasmine answered back by saying she love him too.

But they didn't know that two pairs of eyes were looking at them. On one side there is Nico, who loves Jasmine, and on the other side is Annika, who loves Julian. Nico silently accepted his defeat.

But Annika is hurting so much that she can't hide her emotions during her press conference. She told them that their wedding will not push through because Julian has another girl.

Lolo Greg, worried that Jasmine is taking too much time to arrive, called on Julian and asked if he saw Jasmine. Julian told Lolo Greg that Jasmine is with him, and is about to open up something to him. Will Julian reveal to Lolo Greg their big secret?


  1. Anonymous said...
    thank you for posting! now, I can go to sleep.
    Anonymous said...
    wahh it really pisses ppl off when they dont get what they want...pero wow sobrang hinde na mabait si nico doon sa preview :( he was yelling at her...not cool kuya;; BUT ANYWYS!!! AWEESOME EPISODE FINALLY ALL THE WAIT WAS WORTH IT they finally said the three words <3 WHEEEEE XD

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