Teacher Monet gave some bad remarks regarding Sen's approach to his piece. Monet didn't like Sen's "kulot", which Teacher Monet attributes to the scholar's lack of discipline in practicing the proper hitting of notes.

More preparations for the coming "Sensual" Gala Night: The scholars danced to a "sensual" tune. Teacher Georcelle show them how. Although some of the scholars successfully made it, Laarni and Van is a little awkward with the moves. Georcelle even got pissed with Laarni.

After the dance, Iñaki had an issue with Christian giving some "below the belt" comments while the girls were dancing. He told this to Liezel and she discussed it with Cris and Sen. Sen, on the other hand, gave Christian an excuse of just being a normal guy that has some weaknesses. He even gave back the issue to Iñaki, in the sense that Iñaki "should be looking at himself first".
Another preparation for the sensual performance is a film showing of "Ghost", after which each scholar will position themselves on the heart-shaped bed, hug a pillow, and think of a love one.


  1. Anonymous said...
    what was that song playing during teacher georcelle's sensual dance exercise?
    Anonymous said...
    That song was - Make love in this club Part 2 by Usher and Beyonce.. :)
    Anonymous said...
    Love in This Club Part 2 yung background song, pero ano mismo yung pnlay ni Teacher Georcelle nung sensuality na??, like the song kz

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