When Lolo Greg found out that Jasmine left the house, he was rushed to the hospital because of an attack due to the stress of loosing his granddaughter again. Julian called Jasmine but Jeffrey answered the phone. Julian pleaded for Jasmine to return because of what happened to Lolo Greg. When Jasmine learned that Lolo Greg was in the hospital, she showed up to him and promised to never leave again.

Meanwhile, while Shiela, Nico, Jasmine and Julian accepted the fact that Hannah is already dead, there is someone alive that is also named Hannah Castro (Nicole Uysiuseng). Obviously she teamed up with Josef Elizalde playing the role of Samboy.


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    excited na ako sa susunod na mangyari. pls keep on posting. I love this show.
    Anonymous said...
    hello, nasaan na ang next episode?

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