Expelled Little Dreamer Leon Matawaran guests in Uberture. He was challenged by Billy to imitate his dance steps, which Leon willingly accepted. He was given a box of chocolate as reward.

Angelo is a very naughty boy. It seems that he has a crush on Kelly, and look at his "diskarte" moves. But naughty as it may seem to the eyes of us adults, Angelo is still a little boy that cries on small things. Like a microphone, for example. :)


  1. Anonymous said...
    Little dreamer Leon is a look a like of Charlie Green. I saw him sings Tomorrow in oberture and his voice is pang broadway talaga.
    Anonymous said...
    I hope you cud guest charlie green and little dreamer Leon and make duet, how about a michael buble song?
    hannah manding tan said...
    Video po please thanks

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