Teacher Anna gets upset with the kids' "kakulitan". Well, kids nowadays are so makulit. I wonder why. Too much milk (with lots of so called nutrients) perhaps?

Half-Filipino and half-British Charlie Green, a semi-finalist in Britain's Got Talent, was this episode's guest of Uberture. He sang "Summer Wind" by Frank Sinatra. Billy Crawford and Toni Gonzaga enjoyed Green's performance.


  1. oreo said...
    ang gleng. gnda ng boses nia. ancute!
    Anonymous said...
    billy's very good with hosting! he was floundering at the start but look at him now! SO ENTERTAINING! never a dull moment with BILLY! you rock! I find his BRITISH ACCENT impersonation cute! bagay kay BILLY ang UBERTURE or MTV hosting 'coz he's so wacky and kalog! Ang galing din ni CHARLIE... so cute!
    tess said...
    ang galing naman nang batang ito ang cute pa,,,in fairness bagay sa boses nya pangmatandanag songs....keep it up

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