Catherine brought some rice cakes for Martin at his office but he is not around. She left the food on the table, but then she noticed some pictures of Miguel at the shelves. She then realized that Martin is Miguel's father-in-law.

Meet some new characters: Melissa Ricks as Sofia Castillejos, daughter of Isadora; Matt Evans as Toby Torralba, son of Raphael; Beauty Gonzales as Genna, Melissa's bestfriend. Toby is a varsity player, a heartthrob, a spoiled brat, a typical happy-go-lucky person.

Isadora is having some financial problems and Sofia is aware of it. One time Miguel called on them to check if everything is fine, and Sofia told him that their mother is having a hard time paying their debts. Miguel was confused as to how her mother got those debts even though he regularly remits money for them.


  1. jhay said...
    im JAY MANALO ALEGRE..from atimonan,quezon? ang iisa pa lamang ay maganda ba?
    tinatanong paba, syempre da best yan magigi bayang # 1 sa quezon province kung di maganda! ang gustong gusto ko pong part at laging hinihintay ay ang scene n sinampal ni claudine si melissa bricks.., i like it?

    i love claudine..., fan mo ko nong love team paman si rico yan

    ang lahat ng episode ay maganda? syempre ABS-CBN kaya may gawa nyan.., ano may laban kayo?
    jhay said...
    im jay ng atimonan,quezon!!!
    in the first place.., ng makita ko palang po na penipresent palang po.., how nice n po? lalo po nong sinampal ni claudine si melissa bricks..,!!
    palagi po akong nakikipagtalo mapanood lang ang iisa palang?

    si claudine pa?

    the best yan..,!!!

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