After the success of Lobo, another quality series is in store for us from ABS-CBN starring the "new Queen of Soap" Ms. Claudine Barretto together with Diether Ocampo and Gabby Concepcion. "Iisa Pa Lamang" is a story of Catherine, whose life and personality will change because of love.

Plot taken from Wikipedia.

This is the story of Catherine, an oppressed provincial girl who loses her one true love in the hands of a scheming woman.

Early 90s, in a prosperous hacienda in Amadesto, Batangas, lived three childhood friends namely Catherine Ramirez, Miguel Castillejos, and Raphael Torralba. Little did they know that their lives would forever be caught in a complex web of lies, deceit and obsession.

When Catherine Ramirez (Claudine Barretto) grows up into a beautiful young woman, she falls in-love with Miguel Castillejos (Diether Ocampo), the eldest son of Isadora (Cherrie Pie Picache). While Catherine’s and Miguel’s love blossoms, Raphael (Gabby Concepcion) returns after living in the US for years. He also falls for Catherine. But Raphael is 10 years older than Catherine. He also learns that Catherine and Miguel are already in a relationship so Raphael won’t declare his feelings for Catherine.

Hoping for a blissful life with the man she loves, Catherine soon finds herself trapped in a scheme of a devious woman who happens to be Miguel’s mother.

After Catherine’s mysterious disappearance, Miguel was forced by his mother Isadora to marry a rich girl named Scarlet Dela Rhea (Angelica Panganiban). A union founded on needs instead of love, Miguel and Scarlet’s marriage was a failure right from the start.

Heart-broken, homeless and rejected, Catherine strives to build a new life in Manila with her grandmother (Susan Roces). Regaining her pride, dignity and self - respect proved to be a great feat for a young girl like Catherine. Aura, her loving grandmother is her source of strength, hope and values.

Soon, blessings and opportunities come for Catherine. She was very fortunate to have been given a scholarship from a foundation owned by Martin Dela Rhea (Bembol Roco). Things complicate when Martin falls in love and proposes to Catherine. Feeling indebted, Catherine feels she had no choice but to say yes to the man who helped her on her feet again. Martin Dela Rhea was Catherine’s hero, the man who gave her her life back. But Martin turns out to be Scarlet’s father. When she marries Martin, Catherine hurts the people she loves and the people who loves her including Aura and Raphael.

Catherine soon becomes a complex woman with complex values and intentions. Driven by obsessive love and revenge, she starts creating problems and chaos around the Dela Rhea family. She is now Mrs. Catherine Dela Rhea, a billionaire’s wife. She is Scarlet’s stepmother, Miguel’s boss in the office, and she holds more power than anybody else.

Catherine becomes heartless, ruthless and cold as this was the only way she perceives to attain justice for all that has happened in the past.

But beneath her smoldering anger lies an undeniable passion between Catherine and Miguel. Their battle of wills is just an outlet of their own frustrations and deeply buried love and desire for each other.

And through it all, Raphael never lost hope. His love for Catherine is pure and he will do everything to free Catherine from her hatred and anger, despite his mother Estelle’s (Laurice Guillen) disapproval.

And caught in the middle of this powerplay are the two young innocents – Sophia (Melissa Ricks) who is Miguel’s younger sister, and Toby (Matt Evans), Raphael’s younger brother. Will their blossoming love survive amidst the chaos around them?

Catherine realizes that in order to break free from the past, she must find it in her heart to forget and forgive… before she can truly attain the happiness and true love that eluded her all these years.

Love destroys… Love consumes… but ultimately… Love Redeems.


  1. Anonymous said...
    great casting

    this will be a good mature obra

    we will always hook our eyes in this great teledrama.

    thank you abs cbn for giving us a quality show. sana ibalik na yung mga genre like this hindi ung puro fantaserye.

    from GB
    Anonymous said...
    another quality teleserye of ABS-CBN.

    keep up the good work!

    tira-tira!! :D
    churvah said...
    hi..i know this is off topic
    but may i ask lang,
    meron ka bang upload ng el cuerpo?

    jz asking..

    and btw, your site is sooooo uber cool!
    Ethanne said...
    Wala po akong tagalised imported telenovelas... sorry po...
    Anonymous said...
    hi etahnne!
    tnx 4 uploading these vids!
    i work in the morning and study at night.
    sobrang laking favor ng paguupload mo ng mga vids especially for people like us na super impossible talaga makapanood ng teleserye during their respective airing time.
    pls continue uploading iisa pa lamang. thank u talaga!
    xo_break_through said...
    gaby concepcion's age kinda throws me off.
    pero okei lang. i'll get used to it.
    its just that he looks so much older.
    i like this drama...
    thank you for posting!
    Ethanne said...
    pero for someone at his age he still has his charisma...
    Anonymous said...
    sana po maglagay po kau ng isang teleserye like elementary school musical tapos kunin nyo po uli ung maliit na claudine o catherine kasi galing sya arte hehehehehehhehehehehheheheheh
    Blogger said...

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