Annika was invited by the British Embassy to judge for a pageant but before she leave, she made a deal to Julian that when she came back, Jasmine should be out of their family and out of his life, or else she will tell his secret to Lolo Greg.

Nico asked for Lolo Greg's permission to court Jasmine. That seems not to be a problem to Lolo Greg, but it sure is for Julian. When Nico left the house, Julian followed him and had a discussion with Nico. He then admitted that she love Jasmine.


  1. kapamilya-chika-gurl said...
    anu ba yan, nakaka inis naman..
    ang tagal mag ka aminan, cant w8 na maging sila na sa mygirl!!!
    Anonymous said...
    That's why I stopped watching this insane soap opera. I felt like someone's dangling a carrot in front of me and I will never get it. And Julian and Jasmine are supposed to be adults? They're written out like retarded.
    Allan Tan Raya said...
    no its not insane...
    actually it makes u smile and laugh

    ganun naman talaga sa original diba? it takes time for them to express their feelings

    my girl is really good
    Anonymous said...
    of course!!! fans yata ako ni kimgerald. kahit ano pa ang sabihin nila.
    Lisa said...
    KAKILIG!!! ♥

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