The resume feature of my computer didn't work so the first part of today's episode we're not recorded. I'm not quite sure if the 3rd Probation Night went through, but the videos of the kid's performance are complete, as well as the video of the scholars having some fun time with the kids. Yes, the Academy has accepted 12 kids, and they are the Little Dreamers of Pinoy Dream Academy.

If PDA Season 2 has Billy Crawford, the kids have Billy-lit as their Dream Host (or puppet). Meet the twelve Little Dreamers:
Allen Angelo Garcia, 6 yrs. old from Mindoro
Kelly Nakamichi(?), 8 yrs. old from Valenzuela
Leon Matawaran, 10 yrs. old from Quezon City
Aubrey Valerie Caran(?), 10 yrs. old from Batangas
Philip Cesar Nadela(?), 9 yrs. old from General Santos City
Shaina Shane Mojenes(?), 8 yrs. old from Bulacan
Jerome Ventinilla, 6 yrs. old from Marikina City
Ma. Cristina Angela De Leon, 9 yrs. old from Cavite
Amy Libot(?), 6 yrs. old from Las Piñas City
Dean Carlo,7 yrs. old from Laguna
Risie Joan May(?), 10 yrs. old from Palawan
Nikki Brianne Samonte, 8 yrs. old from Nueva Ejica


  1. Brenner Samonte said...
    As a Dad of Nikki Brianne Samonte, i am extending my utmost appreciation for this wonderful blog or post of yours and eventually witness a special event. More Power to this site and i'm very happy and truly proud for my daughter. Wish you the best of everything even if daddy is in Canada. love you so much.... Hope you could post more and update every event or seasons in Little Dreamers Academy from abs-cbn

    from: Brenner Samonte, Fisher Branch, Manitoba Canada
    Brenner said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Ethanne said...
    Thank you too Mr. Samonte. Wishing you the best for your daughter's career and rest assured we will try to post as much Little Dreamers as we can.

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