The Little Dreamers had a fun game wherein each of them were paired and an animal is assigned per pair. They were blindfolded and should locate their partner by creating the sound of the animal assigned to them.

Now that the grades have been given, the org's average grade were calculated to determine who will be given this week's allowance. Unfortunately for both orgs, they got an average grade lower than 7.5. But as The Pupilars won in the music video creation, they will be given an additional org grade of 0.5, which makes them eligible for a weekbly budget.

As for the individual grades, the bottom four scholars were Cris, Laarni, Bea and Jet. But the Mentors were aware of Jet's desire to drop out of the academy, and since they don't want anybody who is against their will to stay, they asked Jet's final decision. Jet then decided to leave the academy. Because of this decision, the probationary status of the three other scholars were lifted.


  1. Anonymous said...
    naiinis talaga ako akoy jet...sana hindi nalang sya pumasok binigay nya nlang sana ung spot sa iba na mas gusto pumasok sa Pda...thanks ulit in this site ...godbless
    Anonymous said...
    i just dont understand why he has to go....people voted for him... so gosh...

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