Anton had created a gas that will kill the humans. Meanwhile Ylvana told Anton that Trixie is the new "guide", the guide that replaced Nana Sela.

Noah tried desperately to enter the cave but a strong wind kept him from entering. He shouts to Remus to let him go inside, and after the while the winds stopped. But that's not the end of it, because a wolf stands in his way. The wolf bites him, but as we all know he is immune to a wolf bite.

Inside, through the powers of Remus, Noah was fooled by an illusion, a kind of oasis inside the cave. This made Noah sleepy.

Lyka heard of what Noah is doing for her so she quickly went to the cave of Remus. Noah seemed to heard Lyka's mind saying that she is coming, so he wakes from his slumber. Just as he was about to exit the cave, tongues of fire appeared.


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