Lady Elle is bothered by the recent happenings and the news that came to her regarding Anton's dark plans, Ylvana's cooperation with Anton and the safety of the werewolves. Trixie is currently with Anton, and he is asking her some questions, and whenever Trixie refuses to answer or her answer is not what she really foresees, she experiences a whip at the back.

Now that the full moon is coming, Lyka's chance of returning to her normal form is getting thinner. Her hopes depend on Noah's will to live and fight Remus. Noah is having some visions of a happy normal life without Lyka, and Lyka wants Noah to fight it.


  1. Anonymous said...
    My gosh, ang ganda!i can't w8 to c d nxt episode. thanks ethanne
    Anonymous said...
    Ganda tlga..
    galing ni Angel..
    Anonymous said...
    pls upload na ung next episode!!! a million thanks!

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