Lolo Greg planned to go to Cebu to meet Jasmine's father. Jasmine doesn't know what to do, so to stop Lolo Greg's plan, Jasmine decided to "accidentally" fall on the stairs.

Even though Jasmine had a serious fall, she miraculously had no broken bones or serious wounds. Julian worried too much but Jasmine showed to him that she is OK.

Meanwhile Jeffrey had his first VTR shoot for a commercial, but the director didn't liked Jeffrey's nerdy looks, so Christine changed Jeffrey's looks from a geek to a hunk.


  1. lynz said...
    hay..!!! sa wakas ngkahlikn rin cna jasmine at julian.......nakakakakakakakklig.............
    happygurlbcoz of this blogspot said...
    really cnt w8 for d nxt episode... nu kaya mang yayari....
    Anonymous said...
    cute! kaya lang ang tagal mag post ng kasunod. excited na kasi ako.
    zlerahlyn said...
    Kumusta po! Thank you for uploading! The last window on this episode is one of the exciting scene. The same goes to the Korean version too.

    The korean version of this episode can be viewed on this site:

    Complete version of Korean My Girl:

    Enjoy po!

    Bye 친 공이 타자

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