Another twist, another first, another plus! First time in Big Brother International history, the "Senior" edition goes simultaneous with the Teen edition. Now the teens will have "Parental Guidance" as their guardians will be living nearby. You've seen the teens act by themselves, now watch them again with their guardians. How will they act?

Look at the guardians and see kung kanino nagmana ang inyong favorite teen housemate.
For Robi - Boy (Father)
For Josef - Anna (Aunt)

For Linda - Ningning (Mother)
For Jieriel - Gerry (Step-father)

For Rona - Rose (Mother)
For Nicole - Sandy (Mother)
For Beauty - Carina (Mother)

For Ejay - Erning (Father)
For Nan - My Love (Mother, and yes, that's her name)
For Jolas - Ike (Father)

For Valerie - Violy (Close friend of Valerie's Mother, acts as Valerie's second mother)

For Priscilla - Jinky (Mother)
For Alex - Minda (Mother)
For Kevin - John (Father)

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